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Masajes Anais is born from a personal experience, when in 2000 its founder, makes a trip to India, and knows several Oriental Techniques that feels the need to share.

Since then he participates in seminars of Massages and oriental philosophy. After four years of training in various techniques, massage courses in India and Thailand decided to share their experience and make an Ancestral Technique public.

t was in 2004 when the first “Masajes Anais” center was opened in Princesa street, resulting in TOTAL SUCCESS and becoming PIONERA for its technique, clothing, own style and personalized treatment.

With only two masseurs begins their experience, but at six months given the success and acceptance, they become 14 and later the team of Massage Anais would train more than 40 masseuses.

To date they have not only been maintained, but continue to grow!

This year we offer franchises in:

Barcelona – Zaragoza – Valencia – Bilbao – Murcia – Sevilla – Islas Baleares